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Mother Dynamite: Press

Ricky - (Aug 24, 2009)

I am hanging out with a band today that brings just as much energy to the stage as they do with their lyrics.  Matching a name that just screams rock and roll, with an overtone of old school eighties garage band, these guys continue to melt people’s faces every chance they get.  Their talent can be seen from every facet of the group and they are super nice guys to book!  Let me introduce you to Mother Dynamite.

How long have you guys all known each other?
Some longer than others.

Where did you all meet?
Chris and I are brothers. I ‘ve known Keith Somers since high school and we met the the other Keith’s when we formed the band.

Where are you all from originally?
We are from Marlton, New Jersey.

How do you keep all the Keith’s straight?
Well, Keith Fenton has left the band, but for the other two are on a last name basis

What is your favorite venue to play?
We loved Grape Street, which was in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, but that’s closed now. We’ve played upstairs at World Cafe Live, which is a great place and we would love to go back and play downstairs on the larger stage.

What is the largest crowd that you have ever played for?
Five hundred or so.

The smallest?
We played this club called The Fire, which has the bar and the band in separate rooms (who’s brilliant idea was that?) There was probably ten or so people watching us.

Who designed your album cover?
Keith Somers. He’s a graphic designer and always has great ideas.

What was it like recording your debut album?
Very exciting and definitely a learning process. Along with playing and arranging our parts, we got to play producer a bit as well. We brought in session players for the horns, violin and background vocals, and its quite an experience having these talented people come in and look to you for direction. You have to have your ideas ready and be able to get them across quickly because you’re on the clock. We’re paying them, we’re paying for the studio, and we need it to be right, so there’s some pressure there.  I spent a lot of time beforehand listening to the tracks over and over and coming up with parts for the various instruments and singers.

Who are some of your biggest influences?
We all have eclectic tastes in music, but the common bond would definitely be The Black Crowes, The Stones, Led Zep, The Who, etc.  Old School type stuff.

What are your thoughts on MySpace?
Its great for getting your bands name out there, and we’ve done pretty well with it as far as bringing people out to shows. We’ve also picked up some fans across the country as well as overseas, which is probably my favorite thing about MySpace. It’s really what you do with it. It can be a great marketing tool, or a vast wasteland of bands nobody will ever hear from.

Can I find you guys on Twitter?
I don’t even know what that is, sounds pornographic. (Laughs) No, we’re not “Tweeting” as of yet.
You guys have the image of a rock band. Describe your genre in one word.

Who is the ringleader of the band?
I’d have to say Keith Somers is Mr. Leadership of the band.

Who writes all the lyrics?
Mostly Somers, but I also write my fair share of whole songs, lyrics included.

Where do you get inspiration for a new track?
They come from jams, or someone will bring in a riff, and we’ll all build on that. Sometimes a whole song just comes to you and the rest of the band just fleshes out their parts.

Where do you guys practice?
In our top secret laboratory somewhere in southern New Jersey. We could take you there, but, like on the old Batman, we’d have to spray this funky stuff in your face, and you wouldn’t remember anything anyway.

Who did all that awesome photography?
Henry Singer, a great friend and photographer.

Is it just me or is that Jake Gyllenhaal on the bass?
That’s his brother, Flake Gyllenhaal.

Let’s say that you guys are about to headline at Madison Square Garden. Who is your opener?
Geez, someone we can blow off the stage. Maybe one of those newer wussy-type bands, like the Plain White Tees. Actually, I’d like to have a good local band with us. Two of my favorites are The Once Was, and the Quixote Project. Talented dudes.

Do you guys have any thoughts on a nation wide tour to support this debut album?
Thoughts? Yes. Plans? No. We are actually getting ready to record our follow up album, which I’m really excited about. I think the material is stronger, and we’re going to go for a live in studio approach, which I’m psyched about as well.

Do you guys all have jobs outside of music?

Where can I get some Mother Dynamite merchandise?
There is a link on our MySpace page for merchandise.

Everyone else seems to be getting a hug on your profile. Can get a hug?
I dunno about that, with the swine flu epidemic and all. Oh, why not, come here you big lug!
If you guys could tour with only one band for the rest of your career, what band would you choose?
Probably the Black Crowes.  That is one we could all agree on.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?
Ten thousand seaters, baby! The Sheds, if you will. The sports arenas, where live music sounds like shit but nobody seems to notice.

What do you want to be remembered for when this is all said and done?
Great tunes, great playing, and great friends. The last one may just be the most important when all is said and done. Come to think of it, it’d be nice to sell a ton of records too.

I always let the artist get the last word. Go.
We’re on a mission from god to bring old school rock n roll back to the masses.

Ricky - (Aug 24, 2009)